English Grammar for TEFL Teachers

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Jen Preston & Patrice Kincade
Jen Preston & Patrice Kincade

We’re Jen & Patrice, and we've made it our mission to teach you English Grammar!

Together, we have 13+ years of experience teaching hundreds of English teachers and English learners.

Jen teaches 100% online to English learners all over the world and creates online courses for English teachers at VuLingo.com.

Patrice worked for several years as a TEFL Course Manager and Observer where she helped guide students, new and old, to success.

In this comprehensive Grammar Course, you'll get the solid foundation of English grammar you need to teach English as a Foreign Language. The course consists of:

  • 30+ animated video lessons (3-10 minutes each) explaining the structure, the functions, the timelines and the various ways we use each grammar point in every-day language
  • 30+ self-paced quizzes for them to test what they've just learned
  • A chat section in each lesson for them to practice the grammar they've just learned and to interact with their fellow students
  • Daily feedback from our grammar experts in the chat section to answer questions and correct mistakes
  • 150+ digital flashcards to help them study for their final grammar exam
  • 55-page eBook reference guide, so that when they're on the go, everything they've learned is only a few swipes away

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