How to Move to Prague

Everything you need to know before you move to Prague, Czech Republic

So you want to move to Prague (I mean, who doesn't?)—but where do you even start?

Should you apply for a job before you leave?

Do you need to speak Czech?

How safe is it?

Do you need a visa?

How do you rent an apartment?

Maybe you've always wanted to live abroad, but you're not sure where? Maybe you're Prague-curious? We've created this course with you in mind! This is the inside scoop it took us YEARS to learn, all packaged up and, well...FREE!

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to prepare before you move
  • What you'll need to bring, and what you can leave behind
  • The best time of year to come
  • How to save money on your move
  • What documents you need to bring for your visa application
  • What the visa process entails
  • The way to legally work in Prague
  • The easiest way to work soon after you arrive
  • How to find housing and sign a lease so you don't get scammed
  • How to set up your phone, public transit pass, etc.
  • How to start learning Czech

Your Instructor

Jen Preston
Jen Preston

Jen's lived in Prague for 7.5 years, working as a visa consultant, property manager, English instructor and founder of VuLingo, an online course platform for English teachers. She also helps expats live their best lives at

Course Curriculum

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